Why should I upload my data to WeDataNation?
  • Companies use your data without compensation for you. By uploading data to our pools you get an overview of your data exposed on the internet and create the basis for generating passive income.
Is my uploaded data safe?
  • Yes. Your data gets stored encrypted on a decentralized server.
How can I request my data?
  • Facebook - read here how to easily request your personal data
  • Amazon - read here how to easily request your personal data
What happens after I upload data?
  • First we delete all data that allow conclusions about your person, such as name or address. Afterwards all uploaded data is structured and prepared to be analyzed. It will never be exposed to third parties.
How can I delete my data?
  • Login to your dashboard -> go to settings -> delete my data
How long will it take to delete my data from all servers?
  • Deletion process usually takes between 24-48h. After your data is deleted you receive a message on your preferred communication channel.
How much income can I generate with my data?
  • Income is corresponding to the usage of the overall datapools, your rank and your permissions of data usage. 
How is the generated income split between all parties?
  • At the moment WeDataNation applies the following model :
    70% Publishers, 5% Trainers, 5% Validators, 20% WeDataNation Core.
  • This can be changed in the future by the DAO
Is the payment only in crypto or also in fiat?
  • To speed up processes wewill initially only accept payments in cryptocurrencies. However, we will integrate fiat payments as soon as our busy developers find time.
How can I be part of the community?
  • First, decide what role you want to play in the WeDataNation community. Then, register and connect your wallet. Detailed information about the roles you can choose from can be found here.
What is the DAO?
  • We are talking about a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which consists of all publishers and represents the highest authority in the WeDataNation universe. This is where decisions are made on how the generated income is distributed and what future developments are targeted.
  • We plan to introduce the DAO right at the beginning as a clear statement. The handover of the governance functions, on the other hand, will be a long-term project.
  • This is necessary to get the whole project up and running and to create a basis for the future success and cooperation of all parties.
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