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Wanted: Marketing Expert for WeDataNation
First of all, thank you for your interest and trust in us. In this phase of our still young company, we are happy about every opportunity to network and exchange ideas with experts. To make it as short as possible - as you already know, we are looking for a consultant in the field of marketing (especially: target group analysis and analysis of market trends). We very much hope to find someone who can help us develop our service in the short term with insights, advice and a different perspective on the industry; but in the long term will be an important building block as a member of our advisory board.

Brief description of WeDataNation

WeDataNation is a startup in the data economy space. Our POC offers individuals the ability to upload data from Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Spotify, Zalando & Netflix via an IOS/Android app. Based on these data sets, analytics are created with numerous applications such as creating target groups & analyzing market trends.
In simple terms, we can tell a company which demographic group of people is interested in its service or a specific product and for this group of people we can include information such as favorite song, favorite series & film, preferred clothing brand, interests (analogous to Facebook/Instagram), shopping behavior (analogous to Amazon), payment behavior, preferred means of payment, percentage of returns, average gross income, sustainability index and many more.
[You can find an explanation with concrete examples in our article series "Next-Level-Marketing":
Part I : Example "Adidas wants the optimal communication channel for its new product line".
Part II : Example "Web3 Startup for art is looking for its most eager-to-buy target group".
Part III : Example "for private person for Instagram".

The technology is mature and development in the form of a web-based analytics platform has been underway since our pre-seed round in May, where we were able to attract the well-known German Blockchain Founders Group GmbH as an anchor investor. (The potential data sources are constantly being expanded so that a fully comprehensive picture of the respective user can be generated in the long term)].


The question as to WHY a user should make his data available is quickly answered: He not only receives a detailed breakdown & visualization of the data he has provided. In addition, for the first time he has the opportunity to receive remuneration for the use of his data in the form of a passive income. Detailed questions about this can be answered in an initial meeting - however, this is not relevant for your work as a consultant in advance.

Your task

In order to bring our POC to market maturity, to identify weaknesses early on and to run through use cases that are as practical as possible, we need a consultant with expertise in the area of market segmentation and target group analysis (either through working in a marketing agency and creating such analyses as a client order or through working for a company that needs such analyses as a client).

The following core questions need to be answered in this cooperation

  • How do marketing agencies currently design target group analyses / analyses of market trends for companies?
    (Visualisation / information content / scope / duration / costs)
  • What requirements do companies have for target group analyses / analyses of market trends? (What information is supplied / requested with the order)
  • Which information must be included / which is "nice-to-have" ?
  • Are there other possible applications for the information we have?
  • Which distribution channel is the best to present our service to companies in the best possible way?


We look forward to every conversation and every contact we can make. Be it a concrete application as an advisor, a casual exchange about the possibilities of our service for your company or getting to know each other in order to further expand our network.

What happens next?

Feel free to make an appointment directly via my Calendly . If you don't find a suitable date, send me your request via  E-Mail or add me directly on LinkedIN.

About WeDataNation

WeDataNation's mission is to be at the forefront of a decentralized, shared data economy. We empower data owners and transparently extract data from individuals by building data pools that include data from all types of platforms across the web2 and web3. Coupled with a fully integrated token economy, we provide our customers with access to algorithmic analysis of world-class data for any type of research.
For more information, please visit our website, Twitter or Discord. If you would like to contact us to discuss the article or for more information on how to unleash the potential of your data, please contact For further inquiries, you can also contact our CEO Henry Concilio.
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