Time for change.

Get full control
over your data.

Stay in control

Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. store all your information and use the data to make unimaginable profits; in 2021 alone it was almost 100 billion euros.

How much of it was shared with you, as the real owner from our point of view? From our own experience we know there is no compensation for us individuals. 

We have made it our mission to help you unlock the true value of your data.



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Set the rules 

Change happens when you use your voice and have a say. Taking ownership over our data requires a community of like-minded individuals.

Individuals who self-manage through THE PEOPLEZ app have the ability to decide

- which data,
- for what purpose,
- with which party

will be shared.



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Generate passive income

A universal basic income is already being discussed around the world, and tax-funded pilot projects are already taking place.

Imagine that the foundation for this already exists.

Our decentralized system enables revenue generation by providing information.

Make the profits you deserve with your data. Start monetizing via THE PEOPLEZ app and actively shape your future.



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